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English Language Learners


Hey everyone,

How are you?  I am fine busy cleaning.  If you have access to the internet you can log in to Imagine Learning and work for 20 minutes daily.  I have also posted it in google classroom.  Please change your school password and write it down so you don’t forget it.  The code to google Classroom is on my front page.  If you are bored you can make a slide show about any book you have read at home.  Please include a summary, favorite character, genre,  the plot of the story and your favorite part of the story.   

Epic books are also online as well as Moby Max, Study Island, IXL, and Typing Pal. Moby now has a message your teacher section if you need me or you can email me anytime you need to my address is  My phone number is 918.837.1839.  I know this is odd but things will return to normal before long.  Keep washing your hands, and enjoy your family!   

Thinking about you everyday, :) Love,

Mrs. Stewart